Windsong is a safe and secure location to board your horse. Located centrally in New Mexico, close to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, it offers a range of Boarding facilities that can be tailored to your needs. Each of our horses has an individualized feeding program which may include alfalfa, grass hay, bran, grain, beet pulp, daily dewormer and various other supplements. 

The stalls are cleaned daily. Various stalls are available both with and without runs. Windsong has several stallion runs and stalls.

For a horse that must be separated from other horses, isolation stalls with long runs are available.

The facility is fully fenced and gated with keypad entry for the security of you and your horse. At Windsong, horses are sent from around the country to benefit from the high altitude, quality facilities and expert training. Plans for additional stalls are underway to accommodate growth and demand.

Short term Winter boarding is an option for those who want to ride all Winter in our indoor facilities.

Windsong Dressage and Equestrian Center is especially convenient for Albuquerque's North East Heights and East Mountains, including Paa-ko, Campbell Ranch, Cedar Crest, Edgewood and Sandia Park.

Windsong Dressage Center
Boarding, Lessons, Sales & Training for Albuquerque, Santa Fe and New Mexico.
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